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Hole Callout

GIZMOGIZMO Member Posts: 11
I notice that when doing drawings for individual parts which have had holes specified when joined together with other parts in the Parts Studio (ie, the same hole goes through multiple parts), the dimensions brought into the drawing are correct for diameter, but the depth of hole reflected in the hole callout spec is equal to the TOTAL hole depth extrusion that applied for all associated parts --- not just the depth that applies to a single part.

Part one on top and Part two on bottom in Part Studio with hole specified through both parts at same time to get alignment right - TOTAL hole 2" deep ( 1" in top part; 1" in bottom part).

Now when drawing of each part is made and hole callout function is used to get hole dimensions, the diameter is correct, but hole specs use the total hole length -- hole length in each part should only be 1", not 2" as will be shown in bottom part.

I can't find a way to edit the hole length per part in the hole specs provided by "hole callout" to adjust hole depth to correct depth for last part -- seems ability to edit hole specs regarding depth is needed.


  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 364
    @K0DPW Our hole feature does not yet create part specific hole callouts for each part in the merge scope, so drawings will show the callout for the entire feature and not the specifics that are only applicable to a single part.  Currently the workaround is to create hole feature for each part that might differ so that the hole callout is correct on your drawing.  We do understand the need here.  Thank you for mentioning.     
  • GIZMOGIZMO Member Posts: 11
    Thanks Pete for response - creating the same hole "per part" requires often a lot of extra work "per part" and requires hole alignment per part to be a manual process of synchronization between multiple reference panes, faces, points, etc. Of course doing all this automatically per part at the time of the original specification of the hole and keeping track of hole depth per part would be the most desirable, and perhaps required if the new CAM G-code generating feature works from the Part Studio. If said G-code generations come from the DRAWINGS, then it is only mandatory to get the depth correct in the DRAWING per part, which seems would lead to the simplest fix, which would be to allow dimension corrections via dialog box in DRAWINGS for holes like is already possible for length dimensions.

  • GIZMOGIZMO Member Posts: 11
    I better understand now how to use the hole feature in Part Studios - one DOES NEED to model the hole for each part individually in which case the hole specs called out in the drawing by the drawing "hole callout" feature will be accurate.

    One can make the entire hole through all parts threaded, or clearance holes through all parts except the last part, and then make just the last part (in which the hole terminates) threaded.

    So, really no need to change anything here. Everything works right if the user just does it right in the Parts Studio.

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