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No More Month-to-Month Subscription Option?

We're a startup and have to manage even small costs closely.  This pricing change is pretty much a deal killer for me and my company. (We were ok with the $125 / mo price - just needed ability to switch "off" if we knew we didn't need it for a given month.)

- Love the functionality, though - especially ability to share design directly with clients.
- Disappointed that you're now disavowing the "little guy".
- Must consider alternatives now... 

(was great while is lasted)


  • kustaa_2kustaa_2 Member Posts: 39 ✭✭
    Yeah, seems that they are turning screw tight every now and then. Back then it was promised that you could drop to free plan anytime you wanted, oh well it was $99/mot back then now it is $1500 billed annually. Shows what a great concept cloud based CAD is ... for Onshape ... not so much for the user. Onshape is on a slipper slope losing people's confidence in letting the cloud own their data. If they are not careful and manage these very real fear they may well blow the hole thing.
  • keith_marshkeith_marsh Member Posts: 44 PRO
    Also killed it for us, been trialing the free version for some months and was about to start using professional but cant justify $1500, daft thing is if they got you in at $125 per month we probably would have spent the full $1500 some years but the ability to disconnect when we don't have a need for it is the deal maker/breaker for us!
    I thought when I found Onshape it seemed too good to be true and it seams that it was  :/
  • jim_stemplejim_stemple Member Posts: 1
    And so it starts.... first we were pushed to only being able to pay as an annual hit from monthly, to now we are starting to see the "different" plans where you can pay more to get more.  Marketing is marketing... don't tell me it's only $125.00 per month.  It isn't, it's $1500.00 yearly.  When I rent my condo, I don't pay them $18,000.00 up front.  It's MONTHLY RENT, people.  I am "renting" Onshape, not purchasing it.  Therefore, it should be treated like a rental.  Sure, charge me an extra $10 per month to go to monthly billing, and give those with deeper pockets the discount for paying it all up front.  Heck, even online gaming is a month to month billed plan.  I was really all about Onshape and how I could access my data anywhere, but you killed my enthusiasm with your ninja marketing strategies.  I have been using SolidWorks since it's inception and have seen them slowly jack the pricing over the years and create tiered purchase plans.  Unfortunately, I am seeing the same path taking shape here at Onshape as well.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised, when the president of Onshape is from Solidworks.  "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..."  The Who got it right.
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