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3D Sketch custom feature

I am trying to make a quick feature to make it easier to layout 3d piping in a new section of our facility. It is kind of a work around for 3d sketching. I will call the new feature Quick Plane (QP)


Vertex at the end of a line


Point normal Plane using that vertex and the line touching it

A sketch on the new plane with a point on the selected vertex

It would be nice if clicking the green check box to close the feature would leave the user at the opened sketch to start drawing.

It would be awesome if it had the sketch open and a line with one point already on that vertex and the other point waiting for the user to select.


This feature would save a lot of clicks to layout isometric piping. It would also leave a fairly large feature tree with multiple planes and sketches. The cumbersome feature tree is fine because I was planning to have an in-context part studio for each utility line we have. Making changes to the line wouldn’t be too difficult, I would just have to right-click the line I want to move then edit that sketch or the sketch to the previous line. 


Anyone have example featurescript code of getting a point normal plane from an input vertex?


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