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Breaking an ICE for a duplicate part

SunkmailSunkmail Member Posts: 20 ✭✭✭
edited April 2018 in Community Support
Hi everyone,

I tried looking up how to do thins, but haven't been able to think o the right search terms ....

I made a model for some home renovations, which worked great for planning, but now I'm fine-tuning a part (countertop) I need to make based on actual measurements - my walls aren't square.

The original model countertop was made using an ICE with the new cabinets and such.  

I made a duplicate of the original to make the changes to account for the non-square wall.    I was able to remove the constraints to make the changes, but I can't see what I'm missing to remove the "Broken In-Context references" warning.

I hope that makes sense - It is more of a process question than specific to my model, therefore having a link probably won't help anyone else with similar problems.  :)



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    Tony_C_Tony_C_ Member Posts: 273 PRO
    Try coping the whole work space then moving the newly duplicated assembly to your older work space.  That should keep the ICE references.  Might want to change the part studio & assembly before moving them though. 
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    SunkmailSunkmail Member Posts: 20 ✭✭✭
    I think I didn't explain well, sorry.

    I'm trying to remove the ICE references - Is there a way to remove all of them at once?
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