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How do i creat a perforated plate ?

Kai_himselfKai_himself Member Posts: 26
i been trying to creat a perforated plate. So i creat a big circle and eight little circles on a sketch. The little circles are evenly distributed on the big circle with the circle template. Now i like to extrude all the circles, but the problem is, i only can choose the big circle and one of the little circles, not all of the little circles. The result is a circle with only one hole in it.


  • owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,660 PRO
    edited November 2017

    I see you found a way. :)

    I've added 2 simpler options in this document.



    In your version you've patterned the whole sketch, and have the hole in a different sketch too.  That isn't necessary.  So in the first example, I have a single sketch for the disk, and the holes.  The holes are made by patterning the circles within the sketch, and then one extrude.

    Just for interest, the second version, on the next partstudio tab along, has just a point on the sketch.  The hole command is used to make one hole, and then the "face pattern" tool is used to make the other holes. 

    There many other ways of doing this so these are just 2 examples.

    Hope that helps,

    Owen S.
    Business Systems and Configuration Controller
    HWM-Water Ltd
  • Kai_himselfKai_himself Member Posts: 26
    Hey Owen,
    thank you for your answer.
    Yes i found coincidentally, i extrude all of the circles and cut out the little circles from the big, but your method is way easier.
    I wish you a nice weekend.


  • owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,660 PRO
    Hi Kai. 

    No problem, happy to help.

    Good luck,

    Owen S.
    Business Systems and Configuration Controller
    HWM-Water Ltd
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