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"measure" tool

123_456660123_456660 Member Posts: 31 EDU
edited December 2017 in Community Support
I often need to take a measurement from a model, either from one point on part a to another on part a, or from a point of part a to a point on part b. It is a huge pain to have to, each time I want to measure something, have to create a sketch, sometimes even create angled planes, and then *use* both outlines, and create a sketch dimension from 2 points to measure it, then just delete the sketch after i got my measurement.

It would be great If there was a "measurement" tool in the top bar(the one with sketch, extrude, and fillet buttons) Where you could choose any 2 points, or a circle(to measure diameter), arc, line, etc. and it would tell you the distance between them.

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