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SIMSOLID Cloud now with new design studies

KenWelchKenWelch Member, Developers Posts: 22 PRO
A primary goal of design-analysis is to evaluate the effect of design changes on the product’s performance. In SIMSOLID Cloud, design studies are used to collect and quantify design variations. Designs studies are defined as a set of part geometry, part connections and one or more analysis definitions along with their corresponding analysis results. Each design study can contain a complete CAD assembly containing hundreds of parts and each SIMSOLID project can contain multiple design studies.

Best of all design studies are associative to Onshape geometry updates. Change the geometry and the study can be updated without having to recreate the analysis settings, connections, loads and boundary conditions. Design change can even be associative to multiple different, but related, designs making it easy to compare different design scenarios.

SIMSOLID Cloud is a new Onshape embedded structural analysis application. It is based on new FEA technology that works on the fully featured CAD geometry and does not use a mesh. SIMSOLID Cloud is now in closed Beta, those interested in signing up can do so here: https://www.simsolid.com/simsolid-cloud/

SVP & Co-founder SimSolid  |  Altair Engineering Inc.
twitter: @ken_welch  |  web: www.altair.com/simsolid


  • brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 505 EDU

    Any movement on providing a student/instructor license (preferably for free)? My students love using Onshape, but we still use our Creo license for analysis because it only costs our program ½ of a $2500 bill a year for essentially unlimited student laptop installs, as long as the students are in our classes and/or program. BTW, the students hate Creo. Our annual program budget just took a hit and if I could drop Creo completely I would. To do so, I need a good FEA package that works well with OnShape. You would be my first choice from what I've seen of the others. 

    Associate Professor Brian Brady
    Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Ferris State University
  • justin_36justin_36 Member Posts: 23 EDU
    I support @brian_brady's request. We run our high school robotics team very well with Onshape (not to mention using it as one of the main CAD programs at our school) and would benefit from affordable and effective FEA. 
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