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When/How could we have a showcase of company public products ?


We are building open source robots with OnShape (https://cad.onshape.com/documents/66388ae9c63cef53d76acd77/w/80ffd4017e55e734b4e425df/e/712c257dd242ec54617ac2e8) , and while OS could be an amazing tools for external people to collaborate with us, I find the way projects are displayed very frustrating and obscure for non-yet-OS-user and external people. It's really difficult to promote our work.

I would really like to have a onshape page with my company name (not a hash reference) what displays all our public projects (again not a hash but url with a project name) with a nice picture and a short description, very similar to a Github profil home page. In CAD, there is also Grabcad for potential inspiration (see this random profil https://grabcad.com/fateh.merrad/projects).

Also, in each document, it would be great to have a "welcome" tab, again similar to the GitHub Readme to explain the visitor what the product purpose is. 

Do you have any work-around ? Does this is in your roadmap ?

Pollen Robotics


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