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Request a video tutorial

Teaching_TechTeaching_Tech Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
Hi everyone,
I'm quickly building my YouTube Onshape playlist:

There are some existing ideas I will be implementing soon, but I thought it might be helpful for me and this community if members could request a video tutorial on a specific object or topic.
The Onshape help is outstanding but is understandably general. Consider this your chance to ask for a tutorial specific to your needs.
Please be concise but detailed (very tricky!). Example:
I would like to make a simple toy car to 3d print that has the moving parts printed already assembled. Spinning wheels are essential, anything else is a bonus.
I am designing an enclosure for an electronics projects and would like to know how to make the two halves meet nicely with a shadow line. I would also like to know some good ways to connect the two pieces to each other.

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