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Advice other than using project 3D fit spline and other matters


I'm looking a way to actually recreate a terrain based on an existing an imported STL file. The problem with this is the only way I found to recreate is through using Project 3D fit spline which snap within the vertices and then loft it as surface.

The problem with this which I hope Onshape could improve is. As Project 3D Spline have to be snapped in order, and if I have missed one. I cannot re-order it by moving the vertices in the vertices window. Instead I have start all over again, which took painstakingly long. 

I was hoping I could use the Plane and Curve Intersection function, unfortunately this doesn't work as the imported file is STL.

Are there any other way I could do this? I have place an example of the work below.


Lastly, couple of suggestion being an ex Solidworks user for Onshape.

1. Is it possible to have option in plane to do multiple planes like in Solidworks? i.e create a plane then able to multiply 3 or 4 times instead of doing this one at a time.
2. Project 3D fit Spline. Able to re-order on the Vertices Window by dragging up or down rather than re-starting again.
3. Any chance to custom colour your sketch drawing? So not everything grey if it not in use but would like to use it for reference only.

Thank you and looking forward to your advice.


  • mahirmahir Member, Developers Posts: 855 ✭✭✭✭
    @jansen_lye756, as far as I know, there is currently no way to reorder selection queries. However, there might be some steps you can take to make your 3D fit spline more robust.

    If your 3D splines are fairly planar, you can create a sketch on a plane and run a spline through sketch points that have been constrained to STL vertices. Since you're using projected points, this is not exact. But if your vertices are mostly planar, the deviation will be minimal. Now you can run your 3D fit spline through those sketch points. If anything changes, you can rearrange the points in their sketch. The 3D fit spline feature will keep referencing the same points even if they move.

    To answer your other questions:
    1. Check out FeatureScript Multi-plane
    2. Nope, not yet possible. Try submitting an enhancement request. I'm sure lots of people would vote for that. It would make every feature that uses multi-selection queries a lot easier to use.
    3. I doubt this will be an option anytime soon, but you may be able to import the sketch to a drawing and then custom color that.
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