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Beta of new integrated "Assembly Planning" App - who wants to check it out?

NikolaiNNikolaiN Member Posts: 6
Hi All,

There is a brand new "Assembly Planning for Onshape" App just developed. Not officially shipped yet.
The App allows to define mfg/supply Routing for your product, to estimate and to optimize mfg/supply schedule and costs, to get summarized Material Requirements considering mfg/supply schedule, and to provide full BOM+Routing data for MRP/SCM/ERP needs.


Beta testing program starts now. If you want to join it and to bring you ideas and to make the App better - please just send me a personal message.
- The program is limited in terms of time and the number of participants.
- For participating, you should have a Professional Onshape Account.
- Sure, bonuses (on App's "Pro" Subscription) will be provided for participants.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks in advance!


  • NikolaiNNikolaiN Member Posts: 6
    • Pro Account is not required now, the App can be used with Free Onshape Account as well.
    • See some additional info about the App (incl short Quick Tour video) here: https://dmlinkup.com/assemblyplanning/
    And one more note: the app is not publicly available in Onshape App Store yet. If interested, please just ping me, I will include you into app's "Beta testing team" (if it's not too late).
  • yong_kimyong_kim Member Posts: 23 ✭✭
    edited February 2018
  • NikolaiNNikolaiN Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the response @yong_kim , I have just sent you a personal message.

    PS: Guys I forgot to mention one more thing - with the request in a personal message, please send me your email address, so I can add you into the group quickly.
  • NikolaiNNikolaiN Member Posts: 6
    • The beta testing program is finished, the App is publicly available in Onshape App Store now (see it in Data Management category).
    • Thanks All for the feedback on beta testing stage!
    • Known bugs are fixed, some new (and cool) functionality is added. See an info here: https://dmlinkup.com/assemblyplanning.
    • Enjoy!

  • michael_bromleymichael_bromley Member Posts: 110 PRO
    Very cool application, I'm not sure we are at a stage to use it yet as most of projects are more research/development work and not production.  However, I can see the value in being able to build all of that detail into CAD.  As mentioned in the app page it would be great to team up with a cloud based ERP software at some point to continue integration.
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