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Maximising on-screen real estate

andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭✭
I like how OnS works on a small screen, and I also like the luxury (on a big screen) of having lots of modelling space, both relatively and absolutely. I was modelling the other day on a 42" TV, sitting on the floor with my 4yo niece, a cordless kbd and a cordless mouse. She would remember dimensions for me as I measured them off the job, and then type them in after I placed them on the sketch. She's my newest Onshape convert... she made it to the end of the job without getting distracted, and I suspect she is going to come back for more... 

I'd like to give a big hand to the effortless, and wonderfully effective way the combo of Chrome and OS allows progressively shrinking the fonts and icons --  fine-tuning any monitor size and resolution to optimise the tradeoff between readability and space -- simply by repeatedly hitting "control-minus".

Compare this to what a pig's ear various versions of Windows have turned this into...


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    andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Actually, typing that post reminded me that I'm not so impressed with a recent "enhancement" to Chrome - (I'm not yet sure whether it's just in the browser, or in the OS)

    ... which means that once a string of text is highlighted, you can no longer position the cursor by clicking within it. You have to go off to white space and click to cancel the selection. I find this leads to regular involuntary dragging of chunks of text elsewhere in the document, and it just happened to me in the above post, turning it into even more gibberish than usual...

    I mention this because there *is* a two-edged sword aspect to apps in the cloud: sometimes their behaviour changes in unexpected and confusing ways ... and because they are updating all the time, it can be difficult to work out what has changed ... and if you did happen to want to step off the treadmill and stick with the status quo (by reversing out of and refraining in future from the update), you cannot do so.
    I used to step off the Solidworks update treadmill at times, in the occasional year when they came up with a particularly bug-free v5 with all the functionality I needed... 

    I'm sanguine about this two edged sword-in-the-cloud, providing those making the decisions:

    a) make decisions which I can generally understand and support (even if I don't always agree)
    b) do not increasingly pander to the tyranny of the majority, but remain true to the core group, whose requirements the underlying ethos of the app was designed to serve. 

    Clearly that core group is considerably smaller for OnS than it is for Chrome, so I have to recognise I need to cut Chrome some slack.
    However I suspect the behaviour I complain of above does not particularly suit anyone. It's perhaps more the case that only a geek would notice, and realise it was the software, not the user, who was to blame for the resulting glitches. 
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