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VisualCAMc origin problem

I'm having a problem with VCc which is that the system seems to be putting my origin in a weird place. When I first start milling, the machine attempts to move to z = 111 prior to actually milling. The 111 number seems to come from the distance between the origin in the part studio and the part surface + .25mm clearance (as defined in the mlling job). I'm also concerned about the X = -23 and Y = -101 initial motion, which doesn't make much sense either. These were output using Mach3 MM as the post processor. The entire part measures 66 x 40 x 2 (approximately) so numbers much larger shouldn't appear in the milling file.

You can see that in the first few lines of g-code:

G00 G49 G40.1 G17 G80 G50 G90
(1-8 EM Pocketing USB-SD)
M6 T2
M03 S8000
G00 Z111.4512
X-23.5918 Y-101.3474
G01 X-23.6404 Y-101.3679 Z111.4419  F25.4
X-23.6496 Y-101.3722 Z111.4401
X-23.7116 Y-101.4051 Z111.4277
X-23.7204 Y-101.4102 Z111.4260
X-23.7793 Y-101.4484 Z111.4136
X-23.7875 Y-101.4543 Z111.4118
X-23.8428 Y-101.4975 Z111.3994


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    MecSoft_SupportMecSoft_Support Member Posts: 10 PRO
    This was fixed in one of the earlier updates of VisualCAMc. Can you please verify and let us know if you are still noticing this issue. Thank you.
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