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Sketch Offset gives correct preview, but then fails

Dario MangoniDario Mangoni Member, Developers Posts: 15 EDU
edited March 2018 in Product Feedback
Little tricky to explain with words so, here is a pic.
What is the underlying sketch? It is a projection on another sketch of a FeatureScript skFitSpline +  skLineSegment (no skConstraint between them);

I try to offset this closed curve and here what happens:
1) I select the entities that I want to offset, and the spline is correctly extended

2) but the Sketch is not solved correctly after that

Any reason why?


  • terry_falldorfterry_falldorf Member Posts: 7
    Just to add to, Dario's, quandry. I have problems when offsetting lines. When I go to the inside, it shows inside but when I hit enter it many times will jump to the opposite side. It is very frustrating. Thought I would piggyback Dario's Frustration.
    Thanks Dario, you helped me remember to show this dificulty.

  • emmett_weeksemmett_weeks Onshape Employees Posts: 29
    @Dario Mangoni, we don't have curve extensions in sketches at the moment, so the offset of the spline can't be extended far enough to meet the offset of the line since its definition stops at the end of the spline it is based from. If you'd like to see this behavior, please submit an improvement request so that we can prioritize it appropriately.

    @terry_falldorf, please submit a support ticket the next time you encounter this. I haven't encountered this issue personally, and tickets provide us with some additional information that can be useful for reproducing bugs so that we can fix them.
  • bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 842 PRO

    It sounds like you are describing a problem I had with offset for a long time. 

    When you drag the line you must get off to the side of arrow so it turns white, not orange.  Then it will consistently remain in direction you desire. 

    Note this screen capture; first I do it incorrectly with arrow orange and the offset bounces back and forth.  Then I do it correctly, dragging to side of arrow so it is white and offset stays where I want it.

  • emmett_weeksemmett_weeks Onshape Employees Posts: 29
    @bruce_williams, can you either open a support ticket or post some details about your environment (OS, browser)? That issue doesn't happen on my development machine, so I'll need to test on a similar environment as you to see if I can reproduce it.
  • bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 842 PRO
    Interesting @emmett_weeks. Thanks for noticing!  As I mentioned, this has been plaguing me for some time. I finally messed with it enough to know how to get it to work.  I thought it just operator error.

    I am using Chrome on Win 7 Pro.

    I will also open a ticket.  
  • emmett_weeksemmett_weeks Onshape Employees Posts: 29
    Thanks for the ticket. It has made its way to me, so I'll remember to work on this when it is the appropriate time in the development cycle.
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