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Extend FeatureScript reference manual, especially for Sketch functions (skConstraint at least)

Dario MangoniDario Mangoni Member, Developers Posts: 11 EDU
Sketches are the foundation of any drawing and they are so powerful.
Because they allow to fix only some dimension while the others are evaluated (by OnShape) accordingly, depending on constraints!
This is how I do sketches. And this is how it should be done, I think.

However, this is not possible with FeatureScript, because skConstraint is missing any detailed documentation.
Many of the ConstraintTypes (e.g. CIRCULAR_PATTERN) need a map, as argument, that requires some specific fields, like localInstance.
Well, this is not documented at all: you need to reverse engineer the code from a standard sketch to grasp this info.

I know that this is not for laziness, but for a specific developers'choice, but this is very limiting!
I cannot do anything critical without these functions.
And moreover, these functions are already there! They need just a short description and maybe some refinement of the syntax, but that's all!


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