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Coping tubes in beam feature

connor_bensonconnor_benson Member Posts: 8
Hi all, i've been using the beam feature to produce tubes in my chassis model.

I'm having some trouble getting the beams to 'cut' properly using the coping and trimming tools.

When three beams meet at one point, the third beam doesn't cut properly, or all the way through. It's fine for the model, it just means that when it comes to separating them all up for drawings there's gonna be bits hanging on in places.

I've tried varying the angle of the dangle (if you will), as well as using the Boolean function, to no avail. The Boolean function says that the two pieces aren't actually intersecting which is confusing matters even more so.

Here's an example of what i mean...

Any help is greatly appreciated! 



  • connor_bensonconnor_benson Member Posts: 8
    Okay so i think i've figured out a way to solve it incase anyone else struggles with this..

    Select the split tool, Part, make the part you want to split the problem tube, then select the entity to split with as the cut face...

    This will split the tube up into at least two parts, maybe more, delete everything that you don't want and voila you're left with the cute tube.

    If anyone else figures out a better way, let me know, i've got a lot to do..lol!

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