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multiple patterns on a face not extruding

peter_roberts941peter_roberts941 Member Posts: 14
I am trying to extrude a face leaving behind patterns or holes.
Sometimes one pattern, others another but most often none extrude.
What am i not doing?


  • Jake_RosenfeldJake_Rosenfeld Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,338

    You may be misunderstanding the use of our sketch system.  Here you have 4 separate sketches, which look like:

    No single one of the sketch faces you've created has all of the polygons on it, so you'll have a lot of trouble creating the extrusion you want.

    Instead of creating 4 sketches, you'll want to create this as one sketch, and your extrusion will be easy:

    Basically this boils down to: if you want to add entities to an existing sketch, rather than clicking the "sketch" button again, you should double click on the sketch in your feature tree (or right click > edit).  This will allow you do edit the existing sketch rather than making a bunch of stacked, unrelated sketches.
    Jake Rosenfeld - Modeling Team
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