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Is there a way to transform a 3D point (map) into a 3D vector ?

Antoine_BodinAntoine_Bodin Member Posts: 6 PRO
Hello there,

I am looking for a way to transform a 3D point (map) into a vector in a feature script. How can I do it ? 


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    Jake_RosenfeldJake_Rosenfeld Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,646
    edited April 2018
    Hi @Antoine_Bodin

    You can make Vectors in featurescript with the `vector(x, y, z)` function.  Here is some documentation:

    Some examples:
    const pointInSpace = vector(1, 2, 3) * inch; // point at (1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch)
    const xLoc = 5 * meter;
    const anotherPointInSpace = vector(xLoc, 4 * inch, 3 * centimeter); // point at (5 meter, 4 inch, 3 centimenter)
    // show these vectors as red dots while you're in the part studio with your custom feature dialog open
    debug(context, pointInSpace);
    debug(context, anotherPointInSpace);

    If you post the URL of your document, or screenshots of the specific issue you are facing, we can get more specific with our help.
    Jake Rosenfeld - Modeling Team
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    konstantin_shiriazdanovkonstantin_shiriazdanov Member Posts: 1,221 ✭✭✭✭✭
    i think you have a query (which is internally a map) of a vertex and want to get it coordinates? evVertexPoint() function does it
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    Antoine_BodinAntoine_Bodin Member Posts: 6 PRO
    edited April 2018
    In fact, I am drawing a point in a sketch and I need to define a vector that represents this point to use it in the function qContainsPoint(). I tried to use evVertexPoint() but I got the following error: evVertexPoint: CANNOT_RESOLVE_ENTITIES. 

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    konstantin_shiriazdanovkonstantin_shiriazdanov Member Posts: 1,221 ✭✭✭✭✭
    the first approach: planeToWorld(plane2, vector(0,0.6)*millimeter) will return corresponding vector in 3d.
    the approach with evVertexPoint() requares the query of a point, so if the sketch contains the only point you can directly use qCreatedBy("sketch_feature_id", EntityType.VERTEX). or if you need sketch entity with specific id use sketchEntityQuery()
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    mthiesmeyermthiesmeyer Onshape Employees Posts: 115
    Hi Antoine,

    Here is a document with an example Feature Script that implements the three methods @konstantin_shiriazdanov outlined.


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