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Configuration Release Management

Jose_MoralesJose_Morales Member Posts: 15 PRO
Hi all,

I'm currently looking for a way to submit a release for all the parts in a configurable  part studio. Is there a way to easily release all the configurations of parts or would I have to manually release each configuration one at a time? Also, if I have a given part in the part studio that does not change from one configuration to the next, when I release the configuration(s) would it re-release the part with a new part number?


  • Jason_SJason_S Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 209
    edited May 2018
    Very good question. We do not do this yet. 

    You can very quickly get massive permutations of parts in a configured Part Studio (and instantly infinite possibilities when you add a configured variable). So you can see why we dont just take every possible part and release it. 

    Right now, in the release dialog, you can go to the + button and add individual configurations. 

    We are working on a way to make releasing multiple configurations easier and get you what you want faster. 
    Support & QA
  • Jose_MoralesJose_Morales Member Posts: 15 PRO
    @Jason_S Thanks for the info. I saw that was an option but I figured/hoped there would be a more efficient way of doing it. My main concern is that once you add a configured part, it doesn't have any info that I can see that lets me know which configuration it belongs to so how would I avoid double-releasing the the same configuration of a part, or more important making sure I've released all the parts I need.

    Also, on a related note (which is probably answered in another thread but I can't find it) is if there's a way for me to see a full list of released parts in a given configured part studio. Thanks in advance.
  • René_SartorioRené_Sartorio Member Posts: 58 PRO
    edited April 2023
    We work a lot with configurations.
    We need the possibility to select all or only some configs via checkboxes!
    Here is an example. But there are also assemblies that have a hundred or more configs.

    Is there an IR for this?
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