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Spiral Vase

wood_roettingerwood_roettinger Member Posts: 2
I'm trying to design a spiral vase, such as the one here.  the inner tube is a solid diameter, and the spirals are what are changing in side.  In theory was to do it like this:
extrude a cylinder, and then helix the spiral on on it.  I can then sweep the "spirals" out but i don't know how to change the diameter of the spirals (from very small at the top, to larger 3/4 of the way down).  So, to change the size, i was going to crate another profile in the outer shape of the vase, and then rotate that using intersect to make the final size.  But, it didn't work.  Can someone help me?  

I can make the ones like this by using loft and twisting


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