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VisualCAMc June 11, 2018 update

joe_dunnejoe_dunne Onshape Employees, Developers, csevp Posts: 198

June 11, 2018 update


  • Part load now honors part configurations
  • Facing operation extracts the stock model silhouette boundary automatically if no curves are selected for machining
  • Added pick two points on part for calculation of depth in machining operations
  • Toolpath Settings dialog was added
  • etting the cylinder axis to be parallel to the machining Z axis default for Cylinder and Part Cylinder stock
  • Added notification after the part was reloaded
  • User settings for post processing has been added
  • Help button was added to the Preferences dialog

Bug Fixes

  • Part is not updated when reopening document without switching to VisualCAMc tab
  • Prevent reloading the part selected in VisualCAMc tab, after modifying another part in the Part Studio
  • Geometry is not updated after reopening a shared document that was modified by another user
  • Geometry is not automatically reloaded when a part studio that contains a multi-body part is modified
  • The Mop(s) are not flagged dirty to prompt the user to regenerate the toolpath when geometry is changed in Onshape
  • Selecting add tool tip to drill depth on a Deep Drill operation drills deeper than what is should when compared to standard drill
  • Restore client-side mops active regions after geometry was updated in the part geometry
  • Prevent reloading of the part if user just switches from one configuration to another in Onshape
  • Error when trying to save Work Zero operation
  • Updated versioning notification popup to the view that more consistent with Onshape
  • Selecting Set to Stock box in Work Zero dialog does not show options to specify Face and Position when stock is defined using Cylinder or Part Cylinder stock
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Joe Dunne / Onshape, Inc.
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