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Fcuboid Plane

papawopapawo Member, Developers Posts: 206 PRO
How can I make the FCuboid follow my selected plane?
Ive seen that its fixed to do it in XY plane.
Ive change my definition of XY plane and it shows in my debug,
but still cuboid doesnt follow.


  • Jake_RosenfeldJake_Rosenfeld Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 1,565
    edited June 2018

    fCuboid is a pretty simple function, it can only create axis-aligned cuboids.  If you want, you could copy the function and make it take a plane as a parameter, and then use that plane instead of XY_PLANE in its newSketchOnPlane call.  I think that simple change would be all thats needed to draw non-axis-aligned cubes.
    Jake Rosenfeld - Modeling Team
  • MBartlett21MBartlett21 Member Posts: 1,798 EDU
    Try using fCuboid, then using opTransform with fromWorld or toWorld
    MB - I make FeatureScripts:View FeatureScripts
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