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How can I make a ridge that "wraps" around a (non-90 degree) corner?

alison_stoutalison_stout Member Posts: 2
edited August 2018 in Drawings
Hi, I'm new to OnShape and 3D CAD in general and have recently been making my first few simple parts after watching all of the instructional videos in the Part Design "course." I'm having trouble with something that seems like it should be simple. Below is a screen shot of the part I am working on. I am trying to add a ridge that wraps around a non 90 degree corner. One of my unsuccessful attempts to accomplish this is highlighted in orange. My first attempt was to make separate sketches on the top and side pieces, then extrude them, but they don't connect (as in the photo below). I then tried extending the sketch for the top of the ridge beyond the side face by an amount that matched the thickness of the intended extrusion, but that didn't work either because the edge of the extruded top piece was perpendicular to the top face but the side face is not. Both of these attempts seemed like weird workarounds anyway, and I'm thinking there should be a simpler, more correct way of accomplishing this.  So how do you make a ridge that wraps around a non-90 degree corner?


  • alison_stoutalison_stout Member Posts: 2
    I figured it out! This must be done with a Sweep.
  • shouldNotBePostingshouldNotBePosting Member Posts: 8 PRO
    yes a sweep, or .....

    split the face and then move face to thicken. 

    sweep will work most of the time. split & move face will always work.

    there's 12 ways to skin a cat, here are 2 of them.

    welcome to onshape where cools things are happening....

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