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Dimension Values can be Set to ZERO

Don_Van_ZileDon_Van_Zile PROMember Posts: 195 PRO
edited August 2018 in General

I've noticed that dimensions can be set to Zero ("0") in Onshape which is pretty interesting coming from SW. I found a unique scenario in which I would use this behavior/methodology would be perfect for my current design scenario. For example, mechanical cylinder's are typically round (cylindrical/circlular), but if you wanted to increase the force you could increase the area of the piston head; increasing the size of the cylinder is one way.

Hence the need for a configuration with a round (circle) and perhaps an "Oval" shape as shown in my driving sketch pics. However, if you create geometry and use commands such as "Use" (Convert Entities from SW) the line entities that are created for the Oval shape create errors in relations. I've found a workaround, but it's rather tedious for each feature related to this unique configuration.

My question or comment is this: If entities are created and then "null" in another value, shouldn't the system be aware of that and have some advanced knowledge how to handle this behind the scenes? I'm starting a project which this plays a strong designing role and wondering if I should simply avoid this for now and keep them separate rather than utilize configurations... It would be great if I could.I would set "That Value" as a "Variable" in Onshape during the design.


  • nazim_zmirlinazim_zmirli Member Posts: 5
    In the Properties pane for the Pie Chart, under the "Team" dimension - set the Limitation = Exact Value and use >0 Then untick "Show others"
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