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How to repeat a hole on the other extreme of a wooden beam

largo_cbalargo_cba Member Posts: 5 EDU
Hello all, I must first be warning you that you are facing a complete and total beginner on 3D modelling.
I'm currently trying to finish a training wall intended for dog training, that has been around the web and it's known as a Schutzhund A Frame Wall. 

The main Issue i'm facing right now is, because of the Learning centre Multi-Part Studios section: https://learn.onshape.com/learn/course/fundamentals-multi-part-part-studios/why-use-multi-part-part-studios/

I've decided to go with only two frame beams, one vertical and one horizontal, and then in the Assembly use linear patterns, as suggested here:

But now, I'm facing a problem with the holes that I want to drill in order to fasten the frames later in the assembly.

I'm sure I am following a bad practice somewhere, so I would like some advice on how to do the frame to later include it in the assembly.
Should I make a single part design in the frame part studio? And then import it to the assembly as a whole piece?

My issue is on the "Frame" tab, where the Horizontal and Vertical beams come together.

Best Answer


  • largo_cbalargo_cba Member Posts: 5 EDU

    Looks like there is no "Frame" tab anymore!  If you want to share something here, sometimes it is useful to make a version, and then paste the URL to that version rather than the URL to the "live" document.

    Have you solved your issue yet? Or still facing trouble?

    In general if two instances of a part are not geometrically identical, you will have to model them individually.  If I understand your problem, it may be useful to build out one beam and then mirror ( https://cad.onshape.com/help/Content/mirror.htm ) that part to get its mirror image, and use that in the appropriate paces in the assembly.  I may have completely misunderstood though.
    Hello jake, thanks for your reply, I ended up using the mirror feature so the holes that one beam had, got repeated on the other end, and also made the entire frame a single part in the part studio of my project. Which, although not true to the real life objective, still works for my schemes.
    I'm sorry about deleting the Frame tab, I did a version on the moment I posted my question but didn't know that you could link to it, alas, if you check my latest version you'll see that I have a very nice assembly in place for the wall, thanks for your help.
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