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August 7 2018 Terms of Use (TOU) and Privacy Policy (PP) Changes

StephenGStephenG Member Posts: 220 ✭✭✭
Interesting bedtime reading.

Unfortunately it will keep you up into the early morning hours to get through all 11,740 words in the TOU, and 3,830 words in the PP.  

Onshape should award a "merit badge" to those who actually read every word of it.

Note: If you need to review the TOU and PP at a later time they can be accessed through links on the bottom of the Onshape home page.

A quick scan and couple things caught my eye.

1. YOUR CONTENT, 1. Ownership

"...  Onshape does not guarantee that any Content will be available or useable by Customer following the termination of Customer’s subscription or otherwise. ..." 

I wonder what is meant by "or otherwise".  Does "or otherwise" mean if Onshape shuts its doors, access to my data is lost?  Long term data access is an important consideration that needs precise answers and guarantees where a tremendous amount of value is in the user's data; especially important for a cloud based product like Onshape.

4. USAGE RESTRICTIONS, [b] Certain Obligations: You shall not and shall not allow a third party to:

(iii) Analyze the Service, Software or Documentation for purposes competitive to
     Onshape, or access or otherwise use the Service, Software or Documentation
      in order to build a similar or competitive service offering;

Is Onshape demanding its users (including Onshape account holders who happen to work for a competitor to monitor Onshape) not engage in an industry accepted practice?

It would be very discouraging to learn the Onshape employee's adhere to this principle and purposely remain ignorant of what the competition is doing to address/meet market needs.
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