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Automatic Recognition of Points in an Assembly?

blackenedblackened Member Posts: 1
One of the things I like most about SW is that it recognizes points and joints on different parts in an assembly.  Can OnShape do this?  This gives you the ability to take measurements from different places and change how parts fit.  Maybe i'm missing how to turn this feature on?


    edited October 2016
    If you're measuring distances between points on parts in an assembly, Onshape automatically measures the distance once those points are selected! For instance, take a look at the image below:

    In the image, I selected two different corners on two blocks in an assembly. At the bottom right corner, there is a "Min Dist" measurement made, which I can click on to expand it and see the distances along the X, Y, and Z axes. Also, if you hover over either of these distances shown, dashed lines appear in the assembly that graphically show the distance being measured.

    Hopefully this helps you make measurements in an assembly, which can greatly assist in designing new components in the context of the whole assembly!
    James Jepsen
    Content Services Manager, SolidProfessor

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