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Help With Revolve

stephen_arndtstephen_arndt Member Posts: 1
Hello, I am having trouble with something for a project using revolve. I am a beginner so it is fairly basic. I am trying to revolve the two semicircles a full 360 to produce two spheres, but the revolve does not regenerate. Can someone explain why this isn't working? Thanks!https://cad.onshape.com/documents/00a67b224d537516d79c505e/w/8752e6ef73ebc47b4f789934/e/77e9bae3b3e23ef83b36df7c



    Hi Stephen,

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your design! I’d be happy to help out.

    I made a copy of the model using the link you provided. I was able to create the spheres you’re looking for using that exact model! So hopefully I can go over a couple items that’ll clear up any issues you’re having. Here’s the process I used:

    1.      I’m assuming you wanted to use the sketch that was hidden in the model. I showed the sketch.


    2.      Next I enabled the Revolve command. I selected the two semicircular profiles as the “Faces and sketch regions to revolve”. And I selected the central axis on the left as the “Revolve Axis”.

    3.      In the Revolve dialog box, you want to make sure two things are set properly. Make sure the operation is set either to “New” or “Add” at the top to create the new geometry (I’d suggest using “New”). In addition, make sure the revolve type is set to “Full” at the bottom in order to revolve the sketch profile a full 360 degrees.

    4.      Click the green check, and the two spheres are created!

    Hopefully that helps you out! If your design is still having issues, feel free to reply in another comment with the link to your design and we’ll make sure you can find a solution.

    James Jepsen
    Content Services Manager, SolidProfessor

    Interested in improving your CAD skills?
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