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How do you put multiple parts into a drawing?

steven_carlsonsteven_carlson Member Posts: 3
I have a part with multiple parts in it. When I create a drawing, it will only let me insert one part into the drawing. Is there a way to put all bodies into the drawing?

Best Answer


  • shashank_aaryashashank_aarya Member Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
    For above requirement create assembly of all the created parts in new assembly tab say Assembly 1.
    After that click right mouse button on Assembly 1 tab->select "Create drawing of Assembly 1" Drawing will be created for all the parts.
  • steven_carlsonsteven_carlson Member Posts: 3
    Yes, I assumed that would be a work around, but not very efficient.
  • andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭
    You don't need to mate the parts into the assembly: If you simply apply a "Group" command to them, they will preserve the same spatial relationships in the Assembly they had in the Part Studio
  • shashank_aaryashashank_aarya Member Posts: 265 ✭✭✭
    @steven_carlson When you insert the parts in the assembly there is no need to insert them one by one. You can insert entire part studio in the assembly by selecting in the insert window. All the parts will be at the same positions as they were in the part studio. After that you can either "Group" them or "Fix" them. So, there is no need to constrain them. See the below video.

  • justin_hough563justin_hough563 Member Posts: 5 PRO
    I am not having luck as mentioned above when creating the drawing after making the assembly -- I only get the assembly when creating the drawing from the assembly...it doesn't break all the parts out or create individual drawings of parts for me?
  • Narayan_KNarayan_K Member Posts: 379 ✭✭✭
    @ justin_hough563 ,Right click on particular part from assembly then you have option to create drawing for that part

    1.PNG 126.8K
  • to_cato_ca Member Posts: 13
    Does onshape not have the ability to lay out all the parts individually on a drawing, rather than the assembly itself? For example for cutting by hand with a template or to feed to a laser cutter.
  • brett_suttonbrett_sutton Member Posts: 38 ✭✭✭
    I don't find any of the above methods very useful.

    I'm designing cabinets and I need to layout each panel in the cabinet with measurements of each of the 3 dimensions.

    The 'create drawing from assembly' looked good but gave me a single 'blob' of parts. I need to be able to split these parts out and then create a second view of each part.

    The 'insert part or assembly' method is tedious when you have a large no of parts.

    What I need is either
    a simple method to do bulk inserts from the 'insert part or assembly'
    allow me to use the 'create drawing from assembly' but then allow me to manipulate the individual parts directly.
    allow me to add a BOM into a drawing and then have a context menu from the BOM 'Insert part' that when selected inserts the BOM part under the mouse into the desired location in the drawing.

    Having all of these methods would be ideal, but the second of the two would probably be the most efficient (but not the most obvious to find).
  • Stefan_DMSStefan_DMS Member Posts: 48 PRO
    If you pre-arrange the parts in the assembly in the positions you need them to be in the drawing, then pull the assembly into the drawing. A new feature that we have been told is coming is the assembly configurations (so you can have assembled and flattened parts in the same assembly). 
    Note: your blob of parts in the assembly can be rearranged to where you want them, then updated the drawing and the drawing should update to the re-arranged parts.

    Do remember when you pull in a specific part the metadata for the drawing will pull from the part properties if you pull a part-studio or assembly the metadata will be pulled from the tab (either the part-studio or assembly) properties. 
    If you insert an assembly and the assembly BOM into the drawing you can use bubbles to number parts in the drawing that match the BOM table. 
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