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how to insert multiple instances of a part into an assembly at once?

123_456660123_456660 Member Posts: 31 EDU
how can i duplicate a part in an assembly 20 times, without having to insert 19 new ones?


  • John_P_DesiletsJohn_P_Desilets Onshape Employees Posts: 68
    edited December 2017

    In short, there is no way to say insert in "X" number of parts into an assembly today in Onshape. However, we do have tools that are useful for replicating parts or subassemblies in Onshape. The Replicate tool or Assembly Linear Pattern would be best for what you are describing. To help us answer your question easier, please provide us with a link to your document and be sure to share the document as public. Thank you in advance!

    Below is an example I made going over how to use the Replicate tool. A plunger assembly was inserted into my main assembly, and with the help of the Replicate tool, I can have additional instances of that subassembly inserted to match faces on the mounting plate. 

    Subassembly inserted into my main assembly. This can be done the same for a single part. 

    Mated the subassembly to the fixture plate. 

    Using the replicate tool I can Replicate the component to "match faces in parts".


    This tool finds similar sized holes on the face of the mounting plate and knows to match the seed instance to those holes. 


  • 123_456660123_456660 Member Posts: 31 EDU
    hi. I figured out i am able to just click on the part x times in the insert window.
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