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Request: Sketch Feature List

RyanAveryRyanAvery Member Posts: 94 EDU
edited January 2018 in Product Feedback
I think it would be helpful to have the same sort of history that is applied to a project be applied to each sketch within that project. 

On the left where you see a sketch in the list of features there would be an arrow to the left of the sketch to let you know it can be expanded. You click that arrow and then under that sketch in the features list pops out  (like a hamburger button) all the things you did to make that sketch (all the steps you took to to make that sketch look the way it does now) in the order that you made them. 

For instance, it would show "Use line from part A" "center point circle" "line" "fillet" and then you could right click the "center point circle" and click "roll sketch to here" 

Currently, I can do a sketch and then use ctrl + z to unwind the last 10 steps, for instance. But if I come back to it the next day, ctrl + z wont work for me. Honestly, even just the ability to use ctrl + z on a sketch I made in the past would help me a ton, especially when I finished a sketch, then rotated it 4x about the center line, and now (2 days later) I want to alter the sketch a tiny bit pre-4x rotation, for instance. 



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