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Cant get Loft to work in a complex curve...

dean_newburydean_newbury Member Posts: 2
Hello, so I'm trying to recreate a television prop that will eventually be scaled down to 1/6th scale for use with 12" action figures and the like. I know it's not impossible because it's obviously been made before. I own one of the production-made props that was clearly modeled with something similar to OnShape and then CNC cut. So someone pulled it off before.

Attached are two images of the area I'm trying to recreate. I've looked at every video and blog I can find on the subject of OS Lofting and I'm beyond frustrated at this point. It's been a long while since I've done any 3D modeling, and frankly my model is a mess, but the other areas are working fine. If someone could explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old, or if there's a kind soul out there that would simply just do it for me, that would be even better. I'm sure it's easy, I just cant find the solution.

My document title is "1/6th Scale BSG Blaster." Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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