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Switch language of Android app from German back to English?

HakroHakro Member Posts: 55 ✭✭
edited December 2016 in Onshape Mobile
After updating the Android Onshape app to version 1.55.4809 the UI of Onshape is in German now. How can I switch Onshape back to English without switching my whole Android system from German to English?
I know how it works in the browser version (Manage account > Preferences > Display language). But how does it work in the Android app? Any idea?


  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 12
    Mobile apps picks the language preferences and language resources from host operating system. Since most of mobile devices are already personalized by users, I thought is actually better than browser world where browser picks language by location/ip address. Can you give me some more insights into the advantages of keeping phone in German language and switching only Onshape to English? 
  • HakroHakro Member Posts: 55 ✭✭
    @ravi: I am using Onshape/browser in English because video, tutorial, training, support, blog and forum is in English. So I am used to the special English terms and commands of Onshape and I would like to use Onshape/AndroidApp in English also. But I want my tablet and all other apps remain in German. Maybe it´s only an idividual case.
  • raviravi Onshape Employees Posts: 12
    @hakro Thanks for clarification. We will be converting all other content to German eventually. We will continue to monitor this plan an enhancement if we see more people run into this issue.
  • niels_wittjeniels_wittje Member Posts: 1
    I just found this post while trying out onshape and wanted to revive it because this is also problematic for me. I am searching for a cad solution where I can work also on the road offline with my ipad on projects, so I downloaded the ios app, but I am used to a complete workflow in english (coming from a student Fusion 360 version and Inventor previously). I did and learned everything mechanical, design etc in english and do not even know most of the terms in german. Is there any progress of making ons also available with a language selector on IOS at some point? I believe many people would probably have the same
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