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.onshapepy. key file location (Win vs. linux)

fluvio_lobo_fenogliettofluvio_lobo_fenoglietto Member Posts: 36 PRO

Have there been any changes to the format and location of the .onshapepy. file for either Win or Linux.
I can execute my programs by adding the file to my C:\Users\<myusername>\.onshapepy.
But I do not seem to be able to place the file in the correct directory in Linux
So far I have tried:
  • /home/
  • /home/<username>/
  • /usr/


  • Ethan_KEthan_K Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    Hi @fluvio_lobo_fenoglietto ,

    Please note that onshapepy is deprecated now in favor of onshape-clients [here](https://github.com/onshape-public/onshape-clients). It is still in a somewhat experimental stage, but can already do substantially more than onshapepy. If you do want to keep using onshapepy, it pulls the config from ~/.onshapepy according to the code: https://github.com/ethan92429/onshapepy/blob/master/onshapepy/core/client.py#L54. So it is wherever pathlib.Path.home() resolves to I suggest running:

    pathlib.Path.home())import pathlib
    Then put the .onshapepy file there!
  • fluvio_lobo_fenogliettofluvio_lobo_fenoglietto Member Posts: 36 PRO
    Well... I am glad I asked this question. I will try to move everything to clients.

    Thank you!
  • Ethan_KEthan_K Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    Absolutely! Sorry you'll have to rewrite some of your code. I'm hoping I'll have time in the next couple of months to finish solidifying onshape-clients so you can have a more stable code base to rely upon. 
  • fluvio_lobo_fenogliettofluvio_lobo_fenoglietto Member Posts: 36 PRO

    Will you guys get rid of onshapepy?
    I may jut finish-up my code and then look into translating (depending on your plans).

    Maybe could you give me some guidance for the translation.
    Below is an example of my version of an get/update configuration routine (with my imports and object definitions):
    from onshapepy.play import *<br>import json<br><br><div>part_URL&nbsp; &nbsp; = "https://cad.onshape.com/documents/{}/w/{}/e/{}".format( self.did, self.wid, self.eid )</div><div>self.myPart = Part( part_URL )&nbsp;</div><div>self.c&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; = Client()&nbsp;</div><br><div>response = self.c._api.request('get','/api/partstudios/d/{}/w/{}/e/{}/configuration'.format(self.did, self.wid, self.eid))<br><br># here I make some modifications to the configurations(variables) and then push a payload that it is essentially the payload....<br><br></div>response = self.c._api.request('post','/api/partstudios/d/{}/w/{}/e/{}/configuration'.format(self.did, self.wid, self.eid),body=json.dumps(payload))&nbsp;

    I noticed, from a quick glance, that clients has simplified the syntax, so I may just need to translate the calls quickly.

  • Ethan_KEthan_K Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    The new python client is still a relatively shallow wrapper on top of the API - it will be some small changes to the method calls, that call the endpoints, but nothing major. I would wait to switch over until the onshape clients are officially released. Right now they are still in beta.  
  • fluvio_lobo_fenogliettofluvio_lobo_fenoglietto Member Posts: 36 PRO

    Thank you!
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