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Branch Some Not All Dimensions - New User

I have tried every way and seen several videos/posts and tried those ways and I cannot figure out how to, for example...
Question:... add a few parts, say a rung on a ladder (one of the branches) and merge them to get the rung on both ladders, but not have it mess up the dimensions.

Example: I have 2 ladders in an big assembly with mates.
Ladder 1 is 3ft
Ladder 2 is 4ft
I would like them to share say a hundred dimensional features and parts, but not some. 

I have it set up with each ladder in a branch.
Each branch in their own assembly,.
Each assembly in THE larger assembly. 
So for example I can slide Ladder 1 (branch 1) in Assembly 1, 2 in 2, and both in the larger assembly. 

I have just kept the heirarchy as branch, assembly, big assembly, and gone back to manually edit branch dimensions after adding merging to add rungs to both ladders. 
I tried to/from/active and moving dimensions in tree order around etc... 

Sorry if this is the wrong venue. 


  • lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 597
    This sounds like use of configurations would be a better approach for your design.

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