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Set default Revision Number to 0 (zero)?

mike_hölschermike_hölscher Member Posts: 92 PRO
Onshape, thanks for the Export Rule update! This will be a big time saver for us.

I was setting the rules, and found the Revision Property is empty by default.
There is a box to set the Default value in the Revision Property in Company Settings, but it is greyed out.
We would like it to be 0 (zero) bij default to have a complete filename including revision.

I tried temporarily de-activating managed workflows and the Revision property, but the box remains grey and un-editable.

Is there a way I can do this? We are on a Professional subscription.


  • raj_Onshaperaj_Onshape Onshape Employees Posts: 87
    It almost seems like you are asking for the ability to set revisions in workspaces. When Release Management is enabled for a company, Onshape doesn't let you specify revision in workspaces. In versions they can only be changed via a release workflow. This was designed so that Work In Progress in workspaces are not considered as revised as it has not gone through an approval.  We had numerous instances of the wrong thing being manufactured because somebody used the workspace URI instead of a released drawing URI. We added drawings watermark and clearing revisions from workspaces just to solve this issue.

    The only workaround I can think of is having a company custom property called "NextPotentionalRevision" and use it in export template and do some automation to keep it up2date post release.

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