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Lofting: Problem with guide lines from a square base to an ellipsoidal shape

derek_vairderek_vair Member Posts: 3
Here's the onshape document URL:

The end result is supposed to look like a gravy boat with no handle, and be 3D printable.  I have a much larger model that does print, but it gets messed up when I try and scale it down in onshape, and using Cura to scale it down results in walls that are too thin...

Similar to, but unlike the classic "square to circle" that gets twisted, I've got more vertices on the ellipsoidal shape than on the square, as it's made up of an ellipse, with the end of one major axis cut off, and replaced by a tangent line, an arc, and another tangent line (to make a kind of spout).  The basic problem is that onshape generates guide lines toward the front, giving an odd shape to the lofted shape.  I thought I could use three manually drawn pairs (L & R) of guide lines in the loft - for the rear, the middle/center, and the front of the square, the front being the face of the square closest to the spout.

The rear guide lines work as I expect.  However, the center ones don't.  I think it's  because I can't get the point of intersection of the guide line with the top of the shape to "lock in".   A side effect (I think) of the drawing as it is, is that I can't get the shell function to work properly to make the generated loft hollow.

I've tried using intersecting planes, lines drawn on the extrusion face (and then "Used" them in the TrayTopOutline sketch, but can't get a clean intersection point (like I have with the rear guide lines).  If there's another technique than loft/ shell, I'd be happy to use it to "step around" this problem.

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