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Help with enclose function?

dylan_mckillipdylan_mckillip Member Posts: 7 EDU
edited November 2021 in FeatureScript
Hello All,
    I am trying to make a basic FeatureScript to improve my learning that generates RPG Dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20).

I can successfully create planes for the sides of the D4 and wish to use an enclose operation to create the solid. What is the proper way to use enclose()? There is no documentation for opEnclose and I do not know how to reference the planes that I created earlier in the for loop.

Code snippet below:
if(definition.DiceType == DiceType.d4)
            const numPlanes = 4;
            var d4_side = (20/16)*(definition.size);
            var vertex1 = location - (d4_side/2)*vector(1,0,0) - (d4_side/(2*sqrt(3)))*vector(0,1,0);
            var vertex2 = location + (d4_side/2)*vector(1,0,0) - (d4_side/(2*sqrt(3)))*vector(0,1,0);
            var vertex3 = location + (d4_side/sqrt(3))*vector(0,1,0);
            var vertex4 = location + ((d4_side*sqrt(3))/(2))*vector(0,0,1);
            var points = [vertex1, vertex2, vertex3, vertex4];
            //make 4 planes
            var planes = "";
            var face = [];
            for(var i = 0;i<numPlanes;i+=1)
                face = [points[i],points[(i+1)%numPlanes],points[(i+2)%numPlanes]];
                planeCalc(context, id+("planeCalc"~i), face, "plane"~i);
                //planes = [planes + ("plane"~i)];
            //operation for making enclosed part from planes?
            /*enclose(context, id+"enclose1", {
                    "entities": //WHAT TO PUT HERE? How do I properly ref the created planes?

function planeCalc(context is Context, id is Id, face is array, name is string) //FUNCTION DEFINITION HERE
    //Calculate Plane through 3+ points
    var total = vector(0,0,0)*millimeter;
    var numPoints = size(face);
    for (var item in face)
        total += item;
    var a = face[0];
    var b = face[1];
    var c = face[2];
    var _origin = total/numPoints; //calculates center point of face
    var _normal = cross((c-a), (b-a)); //uses 3 of the points on a face to make the plane
    opPlane(context, id + name, {
            "plane" : plane(_origin, _normal),
            "width" : 250 * millimeter,
            "height" : 250 * millimeter

SOLVED:  "entities" : qCreatedBy(planeId, EntityType.BODY) <- This goes in enclose!


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