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3D furniture design since 1998, manufacturing since 1972


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  • bryan_lagrange

    I contacted Josh Mings at SolidSmack (www.solidsmack.com) and the guys at GrabCAD to see if they can help get the word out on the ultimate collaboration Onshape community project. 

    For SolidSmack I presented it to him that SolidSmack could do a series of stories following the project. I got a reply from Josh and he thinks it is a good idea and has it in queue.

    The guys at GrabCAD also think it’s a good idea. I presented it to them instead of doing community challenges to do community collaboration. There is a large of amount of community members and could be a great place to recruit new members.

    I will keep you posted as I get more feedback from them.


    October 9
    • 3dcad
      Bryan, that's great.
      I'm sure we could get it going if we find a handful of members who actually have time. We already have few professionals who will help if bump into a modeling problem but doesn't have time to keep the project going.


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