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3D furniture design since 1998, manufacturing since 1972


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  • Re: Free Users in a company

    I would like to allow showing sketches/dimensions and after a while I would like to allow selecting configurations too. All these options for sharing with free user / share using public link.
  • Re: Can you sketch on a drawing?

    This is actually pretty interesting question. Should we be able to sketch in drawings? Or insert/show sketches in drawings for print?

    Why would we sketch on drawings if we have even better sketcher in 3d mode? Should they be similar?
  • Re: [Feature Request] Mirror Parts in Assemblies

    Forum is more like place for discussion and gathering thoughts to create awesome ideas. When your mind is clear and you know what you need, it's best to put in a ticket through feedback on cad ?-menu.
  • Re: Changes To Onshape's Plans

    Just a thought, I have nothing against Fusion 360.

    If last year was $25 and now it is 100$ - that's 4x price.
    So that could indicate similar route as Onshape but they are just increasing the price.
    Is there any promise that price will stay below Onshape when they reach industrial standards in features and stability?

    Another thought:

    If there is anyone with the facts it would be interesting to estimate the numbers what new cad company needs to succeed:

    Developers cost, 50x $5000 ? / month = 250 000  -> at least 3 million / year
    Other costs, could be similar per person so
    Total cost around 6 M$ / year, starting from day one.

    After what 2-3 years there could be posibility to begin early beta testing, that requires more stuff in customer service, accounting, etc..

    So cost when moving out of beta could be around 30 million dollars.

    Cost per user is something and general expenses are growing a bit per user.

    So how many users can there be?

    I suppose investors expect to see zero result in couple years after launch and remarkable profit after few years to get their money back.

    I don't have a clue of real numbers as I'm not even close to this business - but I know numbers are huge and it's real money they need to cover all of the costs - not matter if it's called Onshape or Fusion.. (I know Fusion is not company but only one product, it still needs to eventually make profit to stay alive)
  • Re: Changes To Onshape's Plans

    Couldn't agree more. If you are even semi-skilled Onshape (any 3dcad) user, you shouldn't have any problem to come up with $1200 / year using some of your sparetime for paid design work. Of course things are not that simple, if you're an individual you need to earn much more to get $1200 after taxes.
    This is where Jim's idea can help you.

    Maybe Onshape could build portal for 'design-farm' where anyone could buy short (or long) term modeling service easily. Work would then be assigned to whomever is marked him/herself as available.. I'm amazed if something like this doesn't already exist but I'm not aware of such.

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