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brucebartlett PRO

Engineer ı Product Designer ı Onshape Consulting Partner Twitter: @babart1977


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Member, OS Professional, Mentor
Product Design Engineer, specialising in the design of agricultural machinery. Over 20years experience in the implementation and use of CAD software in various industries from a small toolroom to medium size steel fabricators. Enjoy designing and building product and systems that excite and inspire.


  • chris_winters404
    Hello Bruce,
    I was reading the post about utilizing the PDF  add-on through google drive. If you are looking for beta-testers? I am totally stoked about the app and its usage of QR codes. I have primarily worked on the production floor and would jump at the chance to take a swing at the utilization. That plus I want to explore the advanced options that can be applied to custom built ERP and MRP modules that can be built into Gsuite.
    Stay awesome and have a great week!
    Chris Winters
    June 1
    • brucebartlett
      Hi Chris, Thanks for contacting me, sorry I kinda missed seeing this on my wall and responding. Lou Gallo has written the google drive app so you'll have to contact him if you haven't already. I haven't used the app yet but think it's pretty cool, I am keen to get some tools like this to link to parts and drawings with links. It will be great to hear how you get on. Bruce

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