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Just thought I would share.

aaron_2aaron_2 Member Posts: 26 PRO
So I was reading through a forum the other day, and came across a person needing assistance in designing a part. I messaged him and asked if he had received any help with it, he said no. I gladly replied and offered my help. Once we Had an agreement worked out,  I took a few pictures and a rough sketch he had done and started designing. We went back and forth through email for a couple of hours while I was working on it to make sure that I got everything he needed and what his thoughts was on changes that I thought would possibly work better.
The next day I was able to finish it up and get his file sent to him. He replied back within a couple hours stating that he was really happy with the design and had most of it printed already.

The reason for this share is point out that Thanks to Onshape I have another way to make a little extra money, and make other people happy doing it.


  • john_mceleneyjohn_mceleney Onshape Employees Posts: 57
    @Aaaron_2 : were you providing "design help" or tech help?
  • aaron_2aaron_2 Member Posts: 26 PRO
    @Aaaron_2 : were you providing "design help" or tech help?
      He didn't have any CAD experience so I took a basic sketch he had and designed it in Onshape and sent him the STL files, He was able to print and relayed some changes that needed to be made. I then changed them and sent more files to him until he was happy with it. So a little design and more a service.
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