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How to organize student submissions

Does anybody have any tips for organizing student submissions. Typically I have them share their project with me, and then I have to manually go in and add labels or create folders and then move them. This can be time consuming, and is easy to lose track of assignments (especially those submitted early or late). Is there a way for students to submit something already labeled or directly to a specific folder?


  • brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 364 EDU

    I require a specific naming convention for all student assignments. I tell them that just like in industry "if I cannot find your work, it does not exist." I use the following convention: "M1 bradyb Hole Tool Practice"

    The first portion is the specific assignment code that I have assigned, i.e. M1 is for modeling assignment 1 whereas P1 would be used for project 1. Next is the students username, i.e. their school email less the @university.edu part. Lastly is the topic of the assignment. That part is more for them to easily identify what should be in any specific document in their list.

    I then search in the "shared with me" area for the assignment code. If a student did not use the code, it does not exist. They can always rename the document if they miss the code and let you know so you can find it. Once the search is complete I select all of the documents shown and apply a tag so I can grade later. I add a second tag called "Graded" after reviewing and commenting on a document so I know what I have left to do.

    I hope this helps.
  • kate_leipold_ritkate_leipold_rit Member Posts: 11 EDU
    I have my students share the assignments with myself and a TA.  Then they copy and paste the URL into a dropbox in our LMS.  This is really helpful to me as it represents their "submission".
  • bradley_saulnbradley_sauln Moderator, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 247
    These are all great methods! I'd like to hear from you 3 @andy_mundell620, @brian_brady, and @kate_leipold_rit about how we could help support you better in terms of Onshape document control and organization for an educational environment?
    Engineer | Adventurer | Tinkerer
    Twitter: @bradleysauln

  • kate_leipold_ritkate_leipold_rit Member Posts: 11 EDU
    These are all great methods! I'd like to hear from you 3 @andy_mundell620, @brian_brady, and @kate_leipold_rit about how we could help support you better in terms of Onshape document control and organization for an educational environment?
    Oooo - my organization shopping list. 
    • the ability to view my folders under files created by me.  
    • the ability to sort teams I've created vs teams I've been added to. 
    • the ability to create a team that I use to share files out, but other team members can't. 
    I think there is more, but this is good, for now. 

  • brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 364 EDU
    These are all great methods! I'd like to hear from you 3 @andy_mundell620, @brian_brady, and @kate_leipold_rit about how we could help support you better in terms of Onshape document control and organization for an educational environment?
    Off the top of my head:

    1. Bulk remove from share
    2. Ability to find "shared with me" that are not tagged
  • andy_mundell620andy_mundell620 Member Posts: 2 EDU
    I think that Brian hit the biggest thing for me, which is create a searchable naming convention and enforcing it. However, it would still be nice if I could create a submission folder/link/sharing option for assignments. Features might include

    - allow me to write a description or even attach a rubric for what they should be submitting
    - automatically place student submissions into a folder
    - a timestamp for when the file was submitted, or ability to not accept submissions after a certain time
    - automatically place a folder specific tag onto all submissions into that folder
    - lock students out of modifying their file after submission.

    I recently gave an exam where students were required to model a part within the time frame. We were able to identify students who cheated when we noticed a shared mistake between both files and then examined timestamps. One student had created the part, shared it with another student, and then they made a copy and submitted it. With the second file created after the first file had last been edited, it was obvious, but there are many other ways to cheat that would be harder to detect. 

    Creating a part template that is not allowed to be shared with anybody but the instructor (or some other way of identifying the origin of a part studio) would be huge. In the future I plan on creating all of the individual part studio templates, share them with students, and not give them the ability to invite collaborators, but this will be time consuming.
  • brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 364 EDU

    History is your friend. I peruse the history often, especially if something seems fishy.

    I require my students to create a version with a specific naming convention as well as name their document a specific way. Except early in the semester when they are getting used to both Onshape and me, I enforce a "no version, no grade" policy. When grading, I branch their version if there are changes made since the version was created and grade the branch, otherwise I grade "Main". This ensures that I am only grading what they "submitted" before the due date/time. I also always check to see that the version was created before the due date.

  • paul_bunnellpaul_bunnell Member Posts: 12 EDU
    I use a system similar to @brian_brady but I have students begin the file name with a "status" label.  Options are Grade Me or IP (for "in progress").  (The full name format is Status, Period #, Last Name, First Name, File Name).  When I first stated I was tagging each submission with a label for graded or not graded.  I found that I had to open the "not graded" assignments several times to check on whether they were finished or not.  Now I sort by name and I know which ones to grade and which to ignore.  After I grade an assignment I rename it from "Grade Me" to "Graded."  My old system was a nightmare but this one has been working pretty well.
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