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Phi 3D free-form modeler new features

Hello everyone,

A quick note to let you know that, based on the very useful feedback from our beta testers so far, we have already enhanced Phi with the following improvements and new features (with much more on the way):

Smoothness across surfaces:
The way to make  surfaces  smooth (i.e. tangent and G2 continuous) was non-obvious and rather implicit. We have now added two new buttons for directly making two surfaces join smoothly, and for removing the smoothness requirement. Select the common edge, click, and you have smoothness. The video at the link below illustrates with a couple of simple examples.

Edge midpoint:
When adding a vertex on an edge, if you hold the SHIFT key pressed while placing the vertex, it will now automatically be placed at the midpoint of the edge. This works both for linear and curved edges. Also demonstrated in the video below.

While you work on your model in a Phi tab, we regularly save your work within your Onshape document so that you won't lose it in case of a system problem, disconnection, or closing the browser tab. When you reopen your document you can continue from where you left.

A short video demonstrating all of the above:

Again, we express our great  appreciation for all the feedback we are receiving from our beta testers. We are committed to constantly improving Phi, and your input has been essential  in highlighting where we need to provide a better experience or missing functionality. Please keep it coming! 

Thank you,
The Phenometry team


  • billy2billy2 Member, OS Professional, Mentor, Developers Posts: 1,297 PRO
    wow! nice
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