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  • shawn_crocker
    A few years ago you posted this.

    The rendered image looks great, I want that look on my website. I think the cadillac solution here would be to link a gltf and stick it into a webgl rendering engine on your client's website. This way a customer could spin the model around and interact with it. 

    Export is a dirty word and should be avoided. Creating a bunch of files is bad and hard to manage. Onshape's version control is a great way to manage what's appearing on a companies website. You should link your client's website to onshape and avoid all those files.

    This isn't a plug-in or something simple to do yet. It's the future and it's coming.

    at this post here https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/15503/how-to-automatically-export-a-list-of-step-files

    Can you share a bit more about how this is done?  At my company, we are looking into creating sort of a configurator for our website.  I was thinking of programming some stuff to interact with the api to allow us to build an admin level configurator for a particular product line.  Then a model would be setup and then linked to by the custom configurator.  The configurator would go in and pull out models of every possible iteration of the available controls in the configurator.  Then, in key shot we would create a script that would run over all the model and package up the images for loading into the website.  We could then rerun the whole setup if there was a change made to a product.  Of course, this is much less desirable then what you hinted at in your post.  I would way rather have models being displayed without any on prem file management being required.  Main thing I am uncertain about is, how do you get the onshape models into a website?  Would this require a special service?  Do you know of any services that are designed for this including the webgl rendering?
    May 4

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