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Auxiliary View

bill_danielsbill_daniels Member Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
I have a case where it appears to be impossible to generate an Aux view - although in the past it seems to have been possible (see PDF).  IIRC, I selected the Aux View icon then a view and found Aux Views available for 45, 135, 225 and 315 degree directions. 

As in the PDF, the part is a simple 3" x 12" x 3/16" wall HSS tube with a 5" (127mm) square hole cut through the center at 45 degrees.  It would be very desirable to show an Aux View as seen along the axis of the hole for dimensioning as shown in the PDF.  However, the part has no 45 degree line one can use to generate an Aux View as is required with current Onshape behavior.  The only improvement suggestion I can think of is one where a point is selected then the angle of the view to that point is entered into a dialog box (ex. 45 deg.)

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