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How do I get my flange to resolve?

tim_ashbytim_ashby Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
edited January 2019 in Community Support
I'd like this flange on both sides of the model. Model file in question is Inserter.

Below are a few attempts at getting this to work - the problem seems to occur when the first flange is created on the other side.


Here, I had both initial flanges created in the same feature, which seemed to be a problem, but separating these out allowed some progression.


These two files display basically the same problem - if the first flange on the other (left hand) side is below 20mm or so in length, Flange 16 just doesn't work.


I had hopes of working around the problem, but it seems that if there is a flange on the left with a similar depth to the flange on the right, Flange 16 (in red) starts complaining about boolean failures.

Any suggestions as to why, please?

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