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Select all contraints, and remove them, or..

ts_2ts_2 Member Posts: 22
edited June 2015 in Product Feedback
I think it'd be handy after clicking viewing all constraints, to be able to select them all and delete them, with a few options.  Maybe ,

Delete All
Delete Type    (delete all horizontal...etc..)
Delete all, but keep Coincident constraint on so the lines and sketches remain connected.


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    andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2015
    I would personally prefer a listing of the constraints (under various selectable categories, like "All", "External" etc, as in Solidworks) with the ability to select single or multiple constraints to delete, or "Delete All" (ie all listed under that sub-heading).

    I agree that the constraints at the endpoints of entities where they butt up to another entity should not be deleted: I personally don't think of them as constraints, but junctions, and would prefer they not be displayed when "show constraints" is active, or listed when we get a listing. 

    Solidworks does not show them, and I've never had cause to wish it did. I suppose it might help if people are sloppy sketching, but I wish their display could be disabled for those who want to know "just the facts, ma'am..."

    At present, the difficulty of dealing with constraint auditing and editing is a pretty strong disincentive to put lots of entities in a single sketch.
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    alan_89alan_89 Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
    Delete all sounds a definite,   Listings work well to an extent but i think would be nice to properly support Ctrl+A for all sorts of contexts. SOLIDWORKS now does this with many things based on what you have pre selected, e.g. select an edge crtl +A selects all edges. However this hasn't been pushed any further since it was first introduced so you try and use it in certain contexts and it just doesn't work. This just leaves the user confused and less confident to use the tool.

    The way i see it is for example, pick one horizontal relation, press Ctrl + A it selects all parallel relations, on pressing delete it gives you a choice, delete all horizontal relations or delete all relations.
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    3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,470 PRO
    I would like to see restricting constraints pop-up when you try to move some sketch element so that it would be easy to select those and delete.
    I don't see any use for delete all, since onshape does all the figures with constraints ie. rectangle is just 4 lines constrained to each other. And I like this system since it makes all the shapes highly customizable by deleting some of the preset constraints.

    Maybe some categorizing would clear things up. If constraints were divided to system (used in shapes and tools), snap (automatic constraints) and manual (the ones you have actually added) categories with different color icon, it would be a lot easier to find the right coincident to delete in corner of rectangle.
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    andrew_troupandrew_troup Member, Mentor Posts: 1,584 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If there were a "detach" option, to remove the constraints at corners (or tangent points) for selected entities, and provided there is some way to alert us to corners which appear to be attached but are not, then I don't see any situation where it is necessary for us to be presented with those constraints in the way Onshape seems to think it needs to do (and Solidworks, to take one example, does not). 

    It seems to me to muddy the waters when so many mandatory and unremarkable constraints are lumped in, in an undifferentiated mish-mash, with the constraints which are "interesting".

    The latter constraint types I label "interesting" because they are discretionary, and potentially problematic.
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    tgunrtgunr Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
    +1 for this

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    jeff_simmons327jeff_simmons327 Member Posts: 4
    Has this been implemented yet? Very often I find myself having to delete Project/Convert constraints and if deleting multiple at once isn't an option, I'd love to know a workaround. I'd also be curious to know if there is a way to use Project/Convert without it creating a constraint.
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    S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,476 PRO
    You can always use the sketch transform tool to move the sketch. One move will delete all external references, then potentially a second move to move it back to where you want it.
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