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Is it possible to specify layer colours on sheet metal DXF export?

TransistorTransistor Member Posts: 11
I'm using sheet metal mode to design cardboard boxes. I export the DXF and import to my laser software, LaserWeb4 which I have set up to use blue lines for marking fold-lines and black for cutting.

Can anyone think of a way of configuring OnShape to export DXF with the fold lines set to a colour other than black?


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    pmdpmd Member, Developers Posts: 63 PRO
    I do not think it can be done on the sheet metal dxf export (from the part studio) but you can insert the flat pattern into a Drawing and use the Drawing properties to change the up and down bend line style to be blue solid and then export the drawing as DXF.

    Do not forget to change the drawing scale to 1:1
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