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link access to modify configs in drawings

dlaportadlaporta Member Posts: 4 PRO
I have a project that I created a part studio with various configurations and it works wonderfully! In a drawing, those configs are less intuitive to the user and I would love a way to see the table like in the part studio in some way. Furthermore, this document is shared with a client's sales team that have zero CAD skills but want to utilize the config variations to kick out drawings to their customers for approval. I love the new improvement to the link dashboard but again, would love a way that this user can do simple controlled edits to see the configs in the drawings (they can do it in the part studio).

The last idea is relative to the above and I imagine you might get this a lot;  if there was a way to toggle preferences to say that drawings are updated when a part studio changes then there would only need one location needed to edit the configurations (in the part studio as you have it today) and see the drawing updated based on those parameters. 


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